you’re hard to come by

you’re hard to come by

I never will lay down while my heart is still beating

o. m. g.

Se empiezan las fiestas en portugalete and suddenly so many people

Se empiezan las fiestas en portugalete and suddenly so many people

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ah don’t care if you don’t want me i’m yours

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Way too much going on at the moment and too little time to organise my brain! I can’t stand it! It’s leading me to behave in ways I try and avoid, and leading others to get the impression I’m ignoring them or are generally unobtainable. Yes, it IS possible for someone to read a message and quite literally forget to reply. Over and over again. it is not a reflection of my feelings. A lot of shit gathers when you just fly away from your responsibilities for 2 weeks, and come back to realise that you are running out of time to prepare yourself, plan and buy, the reality of things like university are beginning to kick in as flatmates begin contacting you, you’re working full time still, your next free day to do your next duty is 10 days away, haven’t slept properly in 4 days, and are someone who is prone to crumbling under pressure. and i don’t even have kids yet. i get that people don’t like it when the attention isn’t on them but, there’s smt really appealing about the ones that don’t whine when you’re not around


the ones that don’t really like you that much…… god damn unrequited love

Hate this part..

I love spain. Always have always will. Wherever I end up

losing followers due to ~crack cocaine